My Bike Keeps Diving Down When Riding

1. Mini Tiller Over Tightened

If you are finding that your bike keeps 'diving' down when riding, it may likely be caused by the fact that the Screw attaching the Mini Tiller at the front end of the Front Tiller assembly are overtightened. When too tight, the mini tiller cannot pivot correctly and provide the stability as it skims along the surface of the water.


ID Description Task
N/A 4 mm Hex Key (Allen Key) Loosen M5 Stainless Steel Cap Screw


To correct this problem take the following steps:

1.1 Push the front white skid plate so that it is pointing up.


1.2 Loosen the attachment screw just enough for the Mini Tiller to drop and pivot freely.
Note: You'll see the drop clearly in the linked video



1.3 Make sure that the screw still engages with the nylon seal of the Nylock nut on the left hand side to ensure that it is still tight enough but no longer overtightened.


1.4 With the Mini Tiller pivoting freely, you should no longer have the 'diving' problem.