This tutorial shows how to charge your battery ahead of storing the XE-1.

Ahead of charging your battery for storage please be aware of the following: 


WARNING! - RISK OF FIRE: Lithium-ion battery packs can be dangerous if charged incorrectly. Use only the battery charger supplied by Manta5 for charging the Hydrofoiler XE-1 lithium- ion battery.

WARNING! - RISK OF FIRE: Do not use the Manta5 battery charger with any other batteries.

WARNING! - RISK OF FIRE: Never connect the charger to an unregulated generator.

WARNING! - RISK OF FIRE: Never let a battery be charged unattended. The battery and charger can get hot while charging. Do not charge near any sources of heat, humidity or flammable materials and never cover the charger or battery with clothes or other objects.

WARNING! - RISK OF FIRE: The battery will not charge if it is 0°C (32°F) or less and greater than 40°C (104°F).


CAUTION - RISK OF INJURY: Do not allow children to handle the battery or charger.



NOTICE: Charge the battery in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location on a non-flammable surface. Do not charge the battery in wet, high-temperature or high-humidity environments. This means out of direct sunlight, and away from bath/shower- rooms and similar.

NOTICE: If the battery is to be stored, then the battery should be charged to 50% before storage, and stored in a room with a working smoke detector. Use the store charge profile on your charger.


INFORMATION: When you first receive your Hydrofoiler, the battery will be partially charged. To get the best life out of your battery; ensure to charge to full capacity before using for the first time. For charging the battery pack, read and observe the operating instructions of the charger. The battery can be charged to/from any level of charge. Interrupting the charging process does not damage the battery pack.

Charging instructions for performing a Store Charge: 
  1. Always remove the battery from the bike when charging.

  2. Make sure the battery is dry and has cooled down after use.

  3. Make sure the battery power switch is first switched OFF (there should not be an illuminated ring around the switch).

  4. Connect the battery charger input lead to an AC mains power socket with the power switch off. Do not use an extension cable.

  5. Connect the battery charger to the battery by pushing the blue connector into the battery socket. Press the plug in firmly until you hear and/or feel the blue lock collar click indicating that the plug is fully engaged, it clicks into place and the red dot becomes obscured.

    lockunlock for battery
  6. Switch ON the power at the AC mains power socket - or omit this step if your socket does not have a switch.

  7. Turn the battery ON.

  8. It is recommended that the battery be left to cool to ambient temperate before charging. You will need to select the appropriate charge profile (Store Charge) to avoid the battery from over-heating while charging. If the incorrect charge profile is selected and the battery over heats while charging, the charge will stop and the battery must be left to cool before the user has to restart the charge.

  9. Select the STORE CHARGE charging profile and hold down the bottom button until the “Hold to Start” text at the bottom of the display changes to “Okay”, release the button.

  10. Turn on the battery and charging will commence. The battery switch LED will illuminate according to the state of charge with a flashing pulse, indicating the battery is charging.

  11. The Store Charge takes 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged. Once the store charge is complete the battery switch LED will be either a solid yellow, green or orange light. 

  12. To abort charging, hold down the top button on the battery charger until “Abort Charge” is displayed on the screen, then release the button.


    INFORMATION: Note, if the charger is connected while the battery is on it may not start charging immediately. Turn the battery off and back on. Charging will commence.

  13. Switch the battery off.

  14. Unplug the battery from the charger.

  15. Switch the charger off at the wall.