This tutorial shows how to fit the Chain into the XE-1.

1.  Fit Chain.


ID Description Task

M5 Hex Key

Loosen M6 Cap Screws

1.1 Prepare to fit the chain by setting up the chain tensioner assembly by loosening the pivot point screw (highlighted red) and chain tension locking screw (highlighted green) so that the Chain Tensioner Assembly can be moved freely up and down.


INFO INFORMATION: The Chain Tensioner Assembly with Pulley (Jockey wheel) pivots around one screw serving as an axis (highlighted in red). The adjustment range is constrained by the slot and once adjusted the assembly is secured by firstly fastening the chain tension locking screw (highlighted in green) and finally the pivot screw. Do not use Loctite thread locker to the threads of the Chain Tensioner screws but use a lubricant like Tef-Gel (or equivalent) lubricant.

1.2 With the Chain Tensioner Assembly raised, fit the chain over the 16T Drive Gear Sprocket and 42T Chainring.


1.3 Apply light pressure (about 1kg of force) to the top of the Chain Tensioner Bracket and fasten the chain tension locking screw positioned in the slot at the same time.


1.4 Check Chain tension by moving the Chain up and down just above the Chain Tensioner Assembly in the center of the span between Chainring and Drive Gear Sprocket. 8-10 mm of play is ideal.


INFO INFORMATION: If Chain tension is too low, it is more likely that the Chain will fall off during use. With the Chain Tension too high the Pulley (jockey wheel) M5 Bolt may fail and the Jockey Wheel (pulley) to break off and drive to be lost. It is normal to observe slight variation in Chain tension as the Chainring gear is rotated. Rotate the Chainring gear through 360 degrees and ensure that the Chain is not excessively tight (< 8 mm of play) at any point