This tutorial shows how to fit the Propeller Assembly to the XE-1.

1. Fit Propeller Assembly






17 mm Open Wrench

Fasten M10 Nylock Nut

1.1 Inspect the Propeller to make sure that the Grey Igus bushes and white Hex Block is fitted before fitting the assembly onto the Propeller Drive Shaft. Align the internal hex profile of the Hex Block with that of the Drive Shaft and push the Propeller with Hex Block onto the shaft. The 10 mm RH thread of the Stainless Steel Drive Shaft must be visible. 



INFORMATION:  If the Hex Block becomes dislodged from the Propeller, inspect the front (grey colour) Igus Bush for damage and refit the Hex Block. The Hex Block internal hex profile is slightly tapered. Push the Hex Block only over the shaft to determine the direction best for easy removal before pressing (by hand) the Hex Block back into the internal hex feature of the Propeller.


1.2 Fit the M10 Stainless Steel Washer and Nylock Nut onto the Propeller Drive Shaft. Take precaution using a suitable glove (or towel) and hold the Propeller from turning while fastening the M10 Nylock Nut. [Tools: 17 mm Wrench] 




INFORMATION:  The nylon lock of the 10 mm Nylock Nut has a limited life. If the nut can be removed by hand, it must be replaced (approximately every 50 cycles) No torque value is specified for this nut. Only tighten until some resistance is encountered from the Hex Block reaching the end of the hex feature on the shaft i.e Do not over tighten.

1.3 Screw the Propeller Nose Cone (clockwise) onto the Propeller by hand. The Nose Cone has small interference pins that acts as a lock as it interferes with the holes on the Hex Block. 



INFORMATION:  Test if the Nose Cone is secure enough not to get lost during use by putting minimal anti-clockwise pressure on the Nose Cone. If necessary, tighten the Nose Cone further so that the pins engage the next set of holes on the Hex Block. If the pins wear away over time, it might become necessary to replace the Nose Cone.