How do I tighten (tension) the chain?

This article explains how to tension your chain on the XE-1.

Bike chains tend to ‘stretch’ a fair bit during the first few rides and needs to be tensioned correctly for optimal riding.
Description Task

M5 Hex Key

Tightening M6 Cap Screw

To check if your chain tension needs to be adjusted, push the chain downwards and upwards in the middle between the front and rear sprockets. There should ONLY be around 5 mm to 10 mm total movement in the chain from pin to pin. If you need to adjust the tension follow these steps: 
  1. Using a 5mm hex key, loosen the pivot bolt and adjuster screws two complete turns (counter-clockwise). 

  2. 1.1 Loosen M6 ALU Cap Screws Chain Tensioner C
  3. Rotate the drive sprocket by slowly turning the crank. As this is done the chain may slightly tighten and loosen due to drive sprockets being slightly out of round; this is not uncommon. Rotate to the position where the chain is tightest.

  4. Rotate the chain tensioner clockwise by applying a light pressure (pinky finger pressure) until the chain is pulled straight. Gently tighten the bolt until it starts to get firm, then tighten 1/4 turn. Make sure that the adjuster screw is tight enough so no slip occurs. 

    1.2 Apply Pressure and Fasten Screw in Slot
  5. Move the centre of the chain up and down and measure the total movement. This should be at least 5 mm, max. 10 mm from the pin centres (upper to lower position).