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How do I update my battery firmware?

This article covers how to successfully first-time update your battery firmware & perform a function check.

When first receiving your Hydrofoiler XE-1 battery, you will need to update the battery firmware to ensure that it has the latest version of the software installed and running BEFORE heading out to foil. 

Watch the video below outlining the process: 


1. Your battery is shipped to you with a 30% charge. Follow the first time charge instructions in your manual (Initial Assembly Guide)

2. Download the Manta5 App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store  and follow the on-screen instructions for installation. 

3. If your propeller is currently fitted onto your Hydrofoiler XE-1 , please ensure that you remove the propeller for the next steps, as this can be a hazard. 

4. Tightening the battery into the battery tray using a M4 hex key. Now turn the battery on. Once connected, turn your battery on. You can pair the GARMIN eBike Remote by holding down the two arrow keys (facing up and downward) until it flashes green 6 times (indicating successful pairing).

5. With the battery now paired, switched on and secured into the battery tray, perform a function check. Rotate the pedals and after 90 degrees, you will feel the motor kicking in (less resistance).

Check the assistance levels by moving up and down on the GARMIN eBike Remote to feel the various levels of electrical assist coming from the motor. 


If you have any further questions or queries about the battery or would like more information on this process, please email us on support@manta5.com or submit a ticket.