I’ve broken a part of my bike and I don't know what its called, how to repair it, or how to order a new one?

This article helps you to determine the steps needed to fix, purchase or replace a broken part.

If you have broken a part of your Hydrofoiler XE-1, please take the following steps so that our customer service team can help you: 

1. Determine the part you have broken using our visual search tool. 

2. If you have determined the broken part, please contact Manta5 through our support page here. This will give a team member all the details needed in order to get you back out and foiling as fast as possible. 

3. If you cannot determine the broken part, please take photos or a video and send it through the Manta5 support page here.


The following parts can be easily replaced with standard bicycle parts: 


Handlebar Stem

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy 3D Forged AL-6061

  • Fits Steering Tube with 28.575 mm (11/8") diameter

  • Fits Handlebar with 31.8 mm diameter

  • Short Stem: 30 mm / 25 degrees

  • Long Stem: 90 mm / 10 degrees


  • Material: Aluminium Alloy AL-6061
  • Length: 670 mm Straight Line 660 mm
  • Diameter: 31.8 x 22.2 mm


  • Material: Nylon with Titanium Rails
  • Rails: 7 mm

Seat Post

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy AL-6061
  • OD: 31.6
  • Length: 350 mm
  • Rail Width: 44 mm
  • Colour: Black Anodised


  • Generic Barefoot Friendly Cruiser Style with rubber surface

Seat Post Collar

  • Quick Release 
  • 34.9 mm (spec) x 33.3 mm (top flange ID) x 13 mm (height)
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy AL-6061
  • Colour: Black Anodised